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Food Safety Sydney

Our Services

We offer a tailored consultancy service driven around food safety.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering service excellence and ongoing client satisfaction.

Food Safety Plans (HACCP)

  • Storage of Food

  • Temperature Control

  • Cleaning Programs

  • Cross Contamination

Pest & Vermin Control

  • Cockroaches

  • Vermin Proofing

Food legislation

  • Litigation

ongoing auditing and inspections

  • We are NSW Food Authority approved regulatory food safety auditors.

inspections during constru-ction stage

  • We can assist our clients in opening new food business; assess existing business to ensure they comply with relevant fit-out requirements.

Preparation of Food

  • Thawing

  • Cooking Procedures

food poisoning control

  • Food poisoning control plans

Food Premise Structure & Fitout

  • Inspect & Ensure compliance with relevant standards for the fitout of premises

  • Contact Council’s for history and current status of premises

  • Design Compliance Certificates

third party food safety inspection

  • Assessments of food businesses to ascertain their compliance with requirements of the Food Safety Standards,


  • Assessments of development applications for private certifiers.

Food Safety Consultant Sydney
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