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Our consultants

Providing everything you need at the highest Australian Standards

Our consultants are registered with Exemplar Global which is a personnel certification body as Auditors.  ISO 22000 : 2018 food safety management system standard level. With 15 years of Certification.  

Food Consultant Sydney

Experienced in Food safety with local councils and NSW state goverment

Our consultants, have extensive experience in the Food Safety environment and environmental health matters within Local Government and State Government (Environmental Health). Covering different Local Government areas within NSW.

Experienced in Food safety litigation and dispute resolution

Our Consultants have extensive knowledge in litigation support, helping numerous clients to resolve complex food safety issues and disputes.

Our Consultants have acted as an Expert Witness in the Courts and are fully aware of the obligations to the Courts in accordance with the Expert Witness Codes of Conduct.

Our Consultants have extensive knowledge in Food related Prosecutions under the Food Act and the proofs necessary to issue penalty infringement notices.

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